Jenny Riley

Jenny Riley

High School Science Teacher

Jenny Riley is a high school science teacher at Indiana Connections Career Academy. She began her teaching career in 2008 and joined Connections Academy in 2019. Dr. Riley received her master’s degree and PhD in anthropology from Indiana University. She shares her story below:

“I began teaching as a graduate student and discovered that I enjoyed it! I’ve always loved learning and wanted to share that with others. At Indiana Connections Career Academy, I work with a wonderful group of teachers and students. Everyone is enthusiastic and cares about our school and the education that we give our students.”

For Dr. Riley, a few of the many benefits of teaching at an online school include being able to personalize her students’ education and interacting more with parents and caretakers. “Many students who do not do as well in a traditional setting thrive in a virtual school due to the opportunity for teachers to engage with them individually. Students receive more attention and personalized learning,” says Dr. Riley. “We have a career advisory program that is infused into all of the courses. Students can explore their career interests to better prepare for the future. We also hold multiple field trips throughout the year so that students can gain firsthand experiences in different career paths.”

Our students and teachers come from all over the state, creating a diverse community that contributes to an interesting and engaging learning environment.

— Dr. Riley

In her spare time, Dr. Riley enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and watching movies and TV.