Gage Williams

Gage Williams

High School Student

Gage W. is a high school student at Indiana Connections Career Academy. Gage was interested in Indiana Connections Career Academy because he was looking to switch to an online school, and some of his friends highly recommended Connections Academy. He shares his story below:

“Indiana Career Connections Academy lets me talk to my teachers, whether that’s through LiveLesson® sessions or WebMail. Being able to talk to my teachers regularly strengthens the relationship I have with them. My favorite subjects are English and P.E. I like English because I like reading, and I like P.E. because it gives me the chance to take a break from the computer and get up and move around some.

I previously attended [traditional] public school, but Connections Academy is a lot different. For one thing, I am not stuck doing work at a certain time every day. I can work ahead or take breaks in the middle of the day as long as I get my work done.

What I like most about Indiana Career Connections Academy is being able to make it fit my schedule.

— Gage

This means staying caught up on my work so, at the end of the day, I can work on my dirt bikes. Most of my friends enjoy riding dirt bikes, and I am able to stay in touch with them. When we get together, we go ride. I am also currently working as a diesel mechanic on semitrucks at a trucking company.

After I graduate from school, I would like to be a mechanic of some sort, whether that’s a small engines mechanic or diesel mechanic. My plans after school mainly consist of getting a job in the mechanic field. Taking the career cluster classes and attending those LiveLesson sessions really helps in the long run.”

Gage riding his dirt bike