Headshot of Ms. Ashby

Susan Ashby

Special Education Teacher

Graduate of Indiana University

Susan Ashby started teaching in 2014 and joined Indiana Connections Academy in 2022. She’s a learning support instructor and teaches small-group reading and writing to students in eleventh grade.

Why She Became a Teacher

Ms. Ashby started her career teaching special education and has also taught English language arts. Reports Ms. Ashby, “I love teaching at Indiana Connections Academy … I find this school rewarding because it has the perfect balance of challenge and support.  

“The administration and other teachers here are all extremely helpful and make our teaching environment open and honest. … I feel supported and am able to go to the administration for anything. [This] creates more opportunities for growth and development.”  

The Online Experience at Indiana Connections Academy 

Ms. Ashby’s favorite classroom activity is having discussions with and among students. “I try to ask open-ended questions so that we can have open discussion in our classes,” she reports. “Our students have fantastic thoughts and ideas, so I love listening to their opinions on the curriculum and how it relates to what is going on in society now.” 

You never know what’s going on in a student’s home life … we have to be supportive and understanding [so they] feel comfortable enough to learn.

— Ms. Ashby

Ms. Ashby’s Personal Interests

“I am a mother of three beautiful children. I am also a writer … have had one book of poetry published and am currently working on my second book. I love to travel and to go camping, hiking, kayaking, and just being outdoors,” she says.