Headshot of Ms. Baldwin

Megan Baldwin

Middle School Math Teacher

Bachelor's Degree, Mathematics Teaching, Eastern Kentucky University

Megan Baldwin joined Indiana Connections Academy as a substitute teacher in 2021. She became a full-time teacher at our school in 2022 and teaches math to students in sixth grade.  

Why She Became a Teacher

According to Ms. Baldwin, “When I was choosing a major, I knew I wanted to work with kids. I also enjoy math, so being a teacher was the perfect fit. After graduating from college, I worked as a substitute teacher … then taught middle school math … then took a few years off to be home with my daughters. Once they were both in school full time, I decided to give the online space a try and signed up to substitute teach. This took me to a position with Indiana Connections Academy.” 

Ms. Baldwin particularly enjoys having [on-camera] LiveLesson® sessions with individual students, and says, “It gives me time to get to know them and I love seeing everyone’s animals! I also love that students have the option to schedule this time with their teachers to get one-on-one assistance. I’m very proud of my students for taking advantage of this opportunity and for having the motivation to understand the material.”  

The Online Experience at Indiana Connections Academy 

“My favorite classroom activity is reviewing for a quiz or test in MathXL®,” says Ms. Baldwin. “On these days, students solve problems that are shared on my screen, then discuss their answers either in the chat or on the microphone. I like these days because students are in charge of the discussion and it’s always interesting to hear their perspective on how they would solve a problem. I also love to hear them respectfully disagree with another student if they get a different answer.”  

The most rewarding part of teaching here is when I have individual LiveLesson® sessions with students.

— Ms. Baldwin

Ms. Baldwin’s Personal Interests

“I live with my husband, two daughters, one dog, and two cats. We love to travel as a family and do anything outdoors. We recently bought a camper and plan to use it a lot. I also love doing yoga and taking care of my many plants,” she says.