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Online Middle School in Indiana

The On-Ramp to Success

Students who enroll in Indiana Connections Academy (INCA) middle school are given the opportunity to engage in a virtual online educational program that doesn’t just encourage them to take responsibility for their learning but also introduces them to fresh, engaging subjects and course matter. INCA’s proven curriculum gives students the educational freedom to discover their own potential and the possibilities that learning can open for them.

Because Learning Coaches take on more of a supportive role during the students’ middle school years, INCA’s middle school lessons are designed to connect directly with the students by spurring them to take the lead in their studies.

Curriculum Content

At Indiana Connections Academy, we partner with the best academic leaders in educational publishing and instruction in order to deliver top-tier curriculum content that pairs traditional classroom material with innovative technological resources. By doing this, INCA’s middle school students are able to improve their learning and studying skills while having the freedom to explore various elective courses that enhance their overall learning experience. Check out INCA’s list of online sample lessons for a better idea of what our leading online middle school program has to offer.

Support for Online Middle School Students

INCA strives to provide middle school students with unparalleled support by introducing them to courses led by highly qualified subject area teachers who have a genuine respect for and desire to teach young minds. Though students have the continued support of a counselor or advisory teacher throughout their middle school experience, INCA’s teacher-led courses and LiveLesson review sessions give students the instructional assistance they need, while also allowing them to connect and communicate with peers and instructors.

Course Electives and Activities

Along with unparalleled support and a leading curriculum of core subjects like math, language arts, social studies, and science, INCA is also proud to offer a number of enticing course electives and activities that help to keep learning fresh, fun, and inspiring. Whether students elect to compete in the Mathematical Olympiads, write for the school blog, or choose from any of the other clubs and activities, INCA goes above and beyond to ensure that all students feel included and involved in the middle school experience.

Furthermore, qualified students can enroll in advanced options like Talented and Gifted, as well as other high-school-level courses that can count for high school credit.

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