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Meagan Hofmeister

Inspire teacher Meagan Hofmeister

Meagan Hofmeister teaches students in grades 6-12 at Inspire, the Idaho Connections Academy. She started teaching in 2009 and joined Inspire in 2017. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Pacific University and her teacher certification through Lewis-Clark State College. Ms. Hofmeister shares more below:

“I’ve taught in classrooms from preschool to high school, and I just love teaching students how to learn! As teachers that is one of our biggest jobs, teaching students how to acquire knowledge and retain it for future use. These skills will follow our students into adulthood and help them become productive members of their communities.

I love teaching at Inspire because I get to focus on individual student needs. I can pinpoint where a student might be struggling and then focus my attention on teaching skills and content to meet his or her needs.

An online school has the benefit of flexibility and individualized instruction. I can meet students in a one-on-one LiveLesson session to help them with any questions they may have. It helps me to build rapport with my students when I’m able to meet them where they are educationally and increase their confidence in their academic abilities.

Because so much of what we do today is online, students who are graduating from Inspire are prepared for a workforce and a world that is advanced through technology. They have been taught how to communicate effectively across multiple mediums and are thoughtful, aware members of their communities.

The Inspire community is special because our ‘teaching team’ spans from teachers and administrators who care for their students to parents who want what is best for their children. Parents are the first teachers, so it seems only right they would be included as part of a student’s educational team. At Inspire, parents are integral to their students’ success! You know your child best; you are an asset to teachers when it comes to best meeting the needs of your child!”

Ms Hofmeister is a lifelong Idahoan who loves lakes, mountains, and snow! She loves reading, word puzzles, and being outside.

I love teaching at Inspire because I get to focus on individual student needs.
— Ms. Hofmeister