Eva Polizzi

Eva Polizzi

English Teacher

Eva Polizzi teaches English at Inspire Connections Academy. She holds a master's degree from CalState Long Beach in English Literature. Prior to joining the team, Ms. Polizzi taught middle school English and was a school librarian

"I love teaching English because our students have such interesting stories to tell, with incredible experiences that really make for good writing. I love forging connections and relationships with them and am always so proud of all they accomplish. Our curriculum is challenging, and asks the students to write often, which I think is a great asset in a world that relies so heavily on written communication. Our students will be prepared.

I am in awe of the way our students rise to the challenge of attending virtual school in such a busy and distracted world. It is a difficult path, but one of the reasons I love teaching at Inspire Connections Academy is that, by graduating high school, our students are giving themselves the chance to take any path life has to offer them.

"I love forging connections and relationships with our students and am always so proud of all they accomplish."

—  Ms. Polizzi

When students join our program, we remind them that learning doesn’t have to be done alone in a vacuum. We are here to help. Call your teachers, ask for help or guidance, and seek out the tips and advice they have to share.”