Why I Chose Florida Connections Academy

I wanted a reputable and reliable place, where the girls can work at their own pace with confidence and security. The girls are more focused and motivated, versus when they were in their brick-and-mortar school. Unfortunately, the girls were picked on in their new school for 2nd grade. It was a disruptive environment.

Compared to our previous elementary school; Connections Academy is a breath of fresh air. I no longer feel like we are dropping them off to chaos and distractions. Instead, the girls can work on a schedule that works best for them while staying focused on their studies.

The LiveLessons are great because we all feel the support from the teachers and the other students. We all love Mrs. DeBow and Mrs. Rodgers. They are always eager to help, providing 1:1 lessons for areas where I feel helpless or confused. The girls show me what they've learned, and we retain the information together.

One of my favorite activities to do as a Learning Coach is physical education. It's a family favorite and provides time for us all to enjoy. Whether it be a bike ride, run, walk, yoga, swimming, or other activities; it helps get us out of the house and keeps us close as a family.

Image of Christopher Bradfords

Connections Academy gives my daughters the flexibility to focus on things they love, while educating themselves for the future, while also giving me the freedom to provide the best learning environment for our daughters.

— Jennifer