Why I Chose Florida Connections Academy

I was interested in Florida Connections Academy because I always wanted to do homeschool. My mom was homeschooled, and I thought it would be cool to try something similar. I like staying at home, so that I can help around the house and being close to my family.

Shelby at a dinosaur exhibit

The things that help me out the most are the LiveLesson®  sessions and when I have a 1-on-1. The teachers are a big help. If I don’t understand something, it helps to have the other students and teachers to talk to. Mrs. DeBow is my favorite teacher. I always feel that she is right there to help me. I do most LiveLesson® sessions with her, which makes me feel more comfortable about my assignments.

I can stay in touch with them by talking on Kids Messenger, or by visiting them. I enjoy jump roping, tag, and hide-and-seek with friends. My favorite is tag.

Shelby and her sister Charlotte in a swimming pool

What I like most about Connections Academy is that after whole groups, we get to dance and have fun. We get to talk to teachers, too.

— Shelby