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Vicki Boartfield


Vicki Boartfield is a teacher at Arizona Connections Academy. She started teaching in 2003 and joined Arizona Connections Academy in 2013. She attended the University of North Carolina and Arizona State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in history and literature. She shares more about her experience below:

“In the first grade, my class visited Officer Don (The Popeye Club) on national television in Georgia, and I was able to speak because it was my birthday! He asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. With my thick southern accent, I told the national audience: “I want to be a housewife and a schoolteacher!” I attended college during my years as a mother to five, determined to achieve that goal.

Our online school creates a welcoming community for parents, teachers, and students because of the flexibility of our program, our mission for student learning, and our consistent, efficient communications. My favorite part of my job is the communications with the students and Learning Coaches, discussing the reading lessons and the writing portfolios. I hope that I portray my passion for these lessons and writings.

The differences that I have seen between the brick-and-mortar setting and online schooling is the opportunity for flexibility, the attention to detail, and the peer interactions in our LiveLesson sessions, without behavior issues or challenges. 

"I love working with students to help them find their passions, to help them learn and become wonderful citizens."

— Ms. Boartfield

Arizona Connections Academy prepares students for bright futures, enabling them to meet their goals and aspirations through our network of caring, highly experienced, professional staff.”