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Tanisha Floyd

3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Floyd teaches 3rd-grade math, science, language, and social studies. She started teaching in 2015 and joined Wyoming Connections Academy in 2020. Ms. Floyd shares more below.

The Online School Experience

I love my team at Wyoming Connections Academy; the positivity is wonderful. I also love the flexibility of working from home.

Individualized lessons are what set us apart. I can spend more time teaching and catering to students’ needs. Online education helps students receive the education they need and to learn at their own pace. Flexibility creates an intrinsic motivation for learning.

The Wyoming Connections Academy community is important in many ways. For me, I’m looking for a place that I can grow and become my best self while helping my coworkers and students reach their full potential.

"I love our team and the hard work everyone does. Our staff is always trying to approach situations from a point of understanding and flexibility."

—  Ms. Floyd

My Interests

I like to challenge myself with new hobbies. I love to learn new facts/trades—from scientific research to remodeling bathrooms. I find joy in successfully completing things I’ve never done before.