Aubrey Scheiner

Aubrey Scheiner

School Counselor

Aubrey Scheiner is a high school teacher at Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA). She began teaching in 2009 and joined WYCA in 2015. Ms. Scheiner earned bachelor’s degrees in biology and science education from Kent State University. She is currently working on her master’s in administration at Indiana Wesleyan University. She shares more about her life and career below:

Why I Became an Educator

I grew up with a mom and aunt who both were elementary school teachers and spent many an early morning and late afternoon entertaining myself at the school while my mom worked. In high school, I found myself participating in FTA (Future Teachers of America) and also thoroughly enjoying helping other classmates with assignments from time to time. But after watching my relatives in elementary school, I knew I didn’t want to be an elementary school teacher. In college, I started off as a biology major but found myself constantly trying to decide between education and biology. I switched majors from biology to education at one point and later added biology back. I finally decided to teach biology and have the best of both worlds. I’ve been teaching for 11 1/2 years and still love helping students see that science is all around them.

I love the people that I get to work with every day. We are a family at WYCA, and we work together really well and try to do the best we can for all of our students. I also love the fact that I have the ability to work with my students one-on-one to help them succeed and get to know them on a more personal basis.

"The benefit of teaching in an online school is that I have the ability to really personalize learning to what my students need and talk with them individually."

—  Ms. Scheiner

The Online School Experience at Wyoming Connections Academy

Getting an education at WYCA helps prepare students for a successful future because it teaches them to have time management and note-taking skills, and works on communication skills with teachers and other individuals. It also helps students to build motivation and self-discipline, as they have to learn how to work individually— without a teacher right in front of them. WYCA’s curriculum is rigorous, and students have a wide range of elective options to personalize their learning and outcomes.

WYCA is unique. We are a relatively new style of education that allows students to learn in an environment that makes them feel safe and comfortable. We all try to really communicate with one another regularly to help our students succeed in a way that benefits them the best. Our parents have to be actively involved in their child’s education, and it becomes a total team effort to get our students to successfully complete high school.

Message for Families Considering Online School

I would tell prospective parents that they are making a great choice. But they also need to make sure that they are staying active in how their child is progressing and stay in contact with the teachers and homeroom teacher to ensure that their child is being successful. Communication is key!

Hobbies and Interests

When she is not teaching, Ms. Scheiner enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and just being outdoors. She also spends her free time in her craft room doing projects of all kinds.