Ms. Townsend

Amber Townsend

Middle School & High School Teacher

Associate Degree, Educational Interpreting, Sheridan College; Bachelor of Science Degree, History & English, University of Wyoming; Master of Education Degree, Grand Canyon University  

Amber Townsend started teaching in 2000 and joined Wyoming Connections Academy in 2013. She teaches language arts, social studies, and honors English to students in grades 7–9. 

Why I Became a Teacher

I started out working with deaf students as an American Sign Language interpreter in the classroom. At the same time, I began teaching interpreting and American Sign Language classes. My love for teaching continued to grow. I expanded my degrees and branched out into teaching secondary language arts and social studies.   

My favorite thing about teaching at Wyoming Connections Academy is that I’m able to make connections with a variety of students in a setting that’s challenging and innovative.

The Online School Experience

We have students who have been here for every grade level of their schooling experience. The relationships those students have built with staff through the years have helped them become academically strong. 

Online learners must have impeccable time-management skills. They must also learn how to effectively communicate with staff in different modalities. This school prepares students to meet the demands of the real world, where effective communication, work ethic, and time-management skills all play a significant role in work success.    

For parents seeking to enroll their students here, I would encourage you to contact parents and teachers for details about how the program is facilitated. If you’re interested in partnering closely with the staff and have time to engage as an active Learning Coach, this might be a game-changing decision.

My Interests

Outside of teaching, I can be found creating and making. I enjoy restoring old furniture, finding vintage treasures, and hanging out with my dogs. Gardening is my biggest stress reliever — I love being outside working in the yard.  

"This school is special for the relationships teachers are able to forge with families."

—  Ms. Townsend