Josh McCracken

Josh McCracken


Josh McCracken is a graduate of Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA). He lives in Cowley, Wyoming, with his grandparents, who served as both his caregivers and Learning Coaches. Josh joined WYCA in eighth grade and made good progress and gained confidence.

Josh attended a bricks-and-mortar school from first grade to seventh grade. During this time, he had difficulty in school and was often placed in an Individualized Education Program (IEP). At the beginning of seventh grade, his problems with school increased, so his grandmother removed him and placed him in an online school. Josh completed seventh grade with that school, but at the end of that year, his grandmother learned about WYCA and transferred him into the program.

After joining WYCA, Josh blossomed. He maintained excellent grades and came to understand that he is intelligent and capable of doing well in school. His self-confidence increased, and he realized that he could accomplish anything he desired.

Josh loves being outdoors and staying physically active through sports. While attending WYCA, Josh participated in many of the local brick-and-mortar athletic teams. He joined the cross-country, swimming, football, and wrestling teams. He even made it to the wrestling team’s state competition. Josh also took a course in auto mechanics and joined the Future Business Leaders of America at his local high school. Outside of school activities, Josh is an active Boy Scout and is working to complete all of his Eagle Scout requirements.

Josh says, “What I liked most about WYCA was the ability to do my classes on my schedule. If I got bored with what I was doing, I could take a nap, get a snack, play with my dogs, or just do a different class. I could listen to my music when I was working, which helped me concentrate better. The teachers are very cool and helped me with whatever I needed. I enjoyed the school field trips and getting to know my teachers on a personal basis. I enjoyed watching movies on different subjects because they are more visual, and I learn better on a visual level. I also enjoyed being able to do my classes and still travel with my grandparents. I enjoyed being in control of my own education.”

"What I liked most about WYCA was the ability to do my classes on my schedule. I enjoyed being in control of my own education."

— Josh