Ireeann Anderson

Ireeann Anderson

Elementary Student

Ireeann Anderson is an elementary student at Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA). She likes that WYCA allows her to complete schoolwork from the comfort of her own home. Her brother, Dean, also attends the school. Her mother shares her story below.

“Ireeann did homeschooling in kindergarten and has always loved it. She went to a bricks-and-mortar school for first and second grade, but decided she wanted to try schooling at home again. We wanted to a school that was based closer to our hometown, so we chose WYCA.

WYCA works well for Ireeann because she is able to work at her own pace, and she enjoys that she is home whenever she needs something. Her favorite subject is science because she likes doing experiments and learning about the world around her—she says it’s “cool.” Ireeann also loves her teacher, Ms. Siebert, and has so much fun when they get to talk on the phone. She says, “Connections Academy is great because I get to be with my family.”

Like her brother, Irreann manages her schedule by preparing herself for the school day at nine in the morning and working hard until she completes all of her work. Since Ireeann is so passionate about singing and often makes up her own songs, she likes to sing the questions and answers while she does school work.

Luckily, for Ireeann, her friends live two houses away, so playtime is whenever you knock or someone else knocks! She likes to play outside and explore with her friends. Ireeann also likes to ride her bike, play games, and pretend to be scientists or animals.”

"Connections Academy is great because I get to be with my family."

— Ireeann