Dean Anderson

Dean Anderson

Elementary Student

Dean Anderson is an elementary student at Wyoming Connections Academy. He enjoys Wyoming Connections Academy's comfortable and supportive learning environment. Dean's sister, Ireeann, is also a student at Wyoming Connections Academy. His mom shares more below.

"Dean wanted to attend Wyoming Connections Academy because he didn't feel like he was ready to sit in a physical classroom all day. He wanted to be able stay home with the family. Now, at Wyoming Connections Academy, Dean thinks his school is "fun" . What works well for him is being able to work at his own pace. Dean likes that he can take a break whenever he needs to. Math is his favorite subject because he likes to learn how to use numbers and find new ways to solve problems. Dean really enjoys the LiveLesson sessions with his teachers, Ms. Midthun and Ms. Vito, and he also likes talking to them on the phone.

Dean starts school at nine in the morning and works very hard to finish up his work. He knows that he can't play until he gets his schoolwork done. When Dean is not doing school work, he likes to play video games with his friends, ride bikes, jump on the trampoline, and play hunting games."

"Dean really enjoys his teachers, Ms. Midthun and Ms. Vito, because he likes doing LiveLesson sessions and talking with them on the phone."

— Dean's Mom