Amanda Garrison

Amanda Garrison

Learning Coach

Amanda Garrison is the Learning Coach to two daughters who attend Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA). She is pleased that her daughters are improving academically at WYCA, and that they have more time for extracurricular interests. Amanda shares more of her story below.

“We were familiar with Connections Academy, but became interested in enrolling when we saw that our school district’s state standings for standardized testing were some of the lowest in the state of Wyoming. We were not only becoming more concerned about our daughters’ level of education, but also about their level of safety since they were spending more time on safety and lockdown drills than the core curriculum. We also often found ourselves re-teaching concepts during homework time in the evenings, so we wanted to look into options that would ensure that our children would have the best understanding and foundation for their education.

We like the online format—the tutorials, LiveLesson® sessions, and the interactive study skills programs for extra practice that make the girls forget that they are even learning. At WYCA, our girls are able to learn at their pace without having to wait for others to catch up.

The format and flexibility of WYCA has allowed our girls to pursue their chosen sport of boxing. Our daughters are able to maintain their training, diet, and school activities, while traveling for boxing tournaments and preparing for them. We spend a lot of time on the road during spring tournament season, but at WYCA, the girls can take their schoolwork with them. Our girls’ standardized testing scores have increased every period since enrolling in WYCA, and both girls are now in the 91 percent range or greater in both math and language. They have also had the opportunity to challenge themselves by taking Chinese as a foreign language.

Our girls stay connected with their teachers through bi-monthly phone calls, which I love because I get a mini parent-teacher conference twice a month instead of twice a year. They also email their teachers at least once a week. I love that they are learning how to communicate in-person, and through email, video conference, phone calls – they are getting prepared for the college and business world.

Our girls have friends from boxing that they text and see at meets. They also take other classes in the community that help them connect to friends. We make an effort to invite their friends over or do activities as well.

Our girls dream of pursuing their education and being the best in everything they participate in. While the thought of the Olympics isn’t off the table, their education comes first and WYCA is helping to prepare them by ensuring that they understand the material , have all the support they need, and learn important skills such as communication, organization and task completion. We often say that there is no ‘homework’ because we are at home, so we just have to get it done!”

"I love the flexibility that Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA) gives us to complete lessons and learn wherever we are. WYCA teachers are invested in our children and are able to give them the support they need to be the best – I love that we work as a team and can communicate daily to ensure my daughters’ success."

— Amanda