Headshot of Tyler Fortune

Tyler Fortune

Manager of Special Education

Associate Degree in Business, Louisburg College; Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology/Audiology, 
Iona College; Master’s in Special Education, Grand Canyon University; PhD in Organizational Leadership, Grand Canyon University (in progress) 

Tyler Fortune joined Virginia Connections Academy in 2022. As manager of special education, she is passionate about helping students reach their educational and personal goals. 

Why I Decided to Become an Educator

I decided to become an educator so I could have an impact on people’s lives. I’ve always had a passion for helping others achieve their goals, and education has provided me with the opportunity to do so while also incorporating my desire to lead. 

Virginia Connections Academy creates a welcoming community for students and their families through numerous means of communication, by providing opportunities for social engagement and interaction, and by demonstrating the importance of a healthy learning environment for all students.

The Online School Program Experience at Virginia Connections Academy

An online school program like this one provides the opportunity for more individualized learning, while maintaining the essential elements of a healthy and effective education. Online learning also incorporates more family involvement and engagement than tends to happen in most brick-and-mortar settings.

Virginia Connections Academy helps prepare students for a bright future by encouraging them to learn life skills needed for success, while also providing academic rigor. In addition, our students are given the chance to work with other students and teachers from various locations across the state. This gives them the opportunity to engage with diverse populations—something they may not have had the same exposure to in a brick-and-mortar setting.

“My favorite part of being an educator here is creating meaningful relationships with students and their families.” 

— Ms. Fortune