Headshot of Rebecca Courtney

Rebecca Courtney

Social Studies and Language Arts Teacher

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, University of Southern Indiana; Master’s Degree, Nova Southeastern University 

Rebecca Courtney started teaching in 2001 and joined Virginia Connections Academy in 2021. She is a special education teacher for students in grades 6–10.

Why I Decided to Become a Teacher

Teaching is in my blood. My great-grandmother, mother, cousins, and niece are all teachers. I always watched my family members teach and knew it was meant to be. What’s most rewarding for me at Virginia Connections Academy is knowing I’m helping students feel wanted while learning in their own environment.

To foster student engagement, I encourage students to respond to one another and to make comments in class. I want students to learn how to communicate with others—it’s important, especially in a virtual format. Although we’re an online school program, we do take field trips. My favorite was going to the zoo. I loved the students’ questions and seeing their amazement. 

The Online School Program Experience at Virginia Connections Academy

My favorite online classroom activity, and one my students really enjoy, is playing an educational game called Kahoot! It’s a great activity because it enables students to learn while having fun. 

Virginia Connections Academy prepares students for the future in many ways. One of the most important is teaching them how to be highly adaptable. In addition, students learn the valuable skill of teamwork, in part by having online and off-line conversations when working together. 

My Personal Interests

I have four kids and love going to their sporting events. 

“If there’s one thing I would tell parents deciding to enroll here, it would be that virtual learning is flexible and can accommodate their family’s lifestyle.”

— Ms. Courtney