Headshot of Courtney Entsminger

Courtney Entsminger

Math and Algebra Teacher

Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, Liberty University; Master of Education in Teacher Leadership, James Madison University

Courtney Entsminger started teaching in 2012 and joined Virginia Connections Academy in 2022. She teaches math and algebra to students in grades 6–9. 

Why I Decided to Become a Teacher

I became a teacher because I’m a planner and wanted to have the best schedule for my future children. The joke is on me, because I fell in love with facilitating a classroom and seeing the light bulb moments happen. Hearing the stories of why families picked this school confirms that it’s the best place for me to teach.

I’ve taught every grade level, and kids in grades 6–9 are my favorite. Seeing those formative years, when a student enters adolescence and starts to discover what they’re all about, is fun and rewarding.

The Online School Program Experience at Virginia Connections Academy

I love it when students interact and communicate with each other and with me. I strive to have my classroom be a space where we can make mistakes and learn from each other. I don’t pretend to know everything. My students teach me as much as I teach them.
The world is changing, and it’s vital for students to become competent communicators and collaborators in both digital and in-person settings. The time management skills and self-discipline students learn at Virginia Connections Academy will serve them for a lifetime. 

“If you’re looking for an alternative to brick-and-mortar public school, you will not find anything better than Virginia Connections Academy. Period.” 

— Ms. Entsminger

My Personal Interests

I’m a fan of travel, sports, and delicious food. I love to travel with my family and have visited London, Paris, and Rome. My husband and I have a sassy clone of a daughter and two cats. For fun, I like to read, work out at my local Burn Boot Camp, play soccer, cook, or just take a nap. Sadly, the latter never really happens.