Headshot of Brian Fleischer

Brian Fleischer

Social Studies Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Nevada; Master of Arts, Administration, Sierra Nevada College 

Brian started teaching in 1993 and joined Virginia Connections Academy in 2023. He teaches social studies to students in middle school.

Why He Decided to Become a Teacher

One of the main reasons Mr. Fleischer chose to become a teacher is because of his college experience studying education. He deeply enjoyed the courses and was inspired by his professors.

Reports Mr. Fleischer, “I like having the opportunity [at this school] to reach out to families and help them.”

The Online School Program Experience at Virginia Connections Academy

Mr. Fleischer’s favorite classroom activity is “having discussions with students and putting together talking points for them.” He believes the Connections Academy® program “is a great partner when it comes to building  educational content. There are hidden nuggets throughout the lessons for students to explore.”

Reports Mr. Fleisher, “I had a student with severe brain damage and met with her every day over the summer . . .  so he could graduate on time. Some students try so hard to learn something that many students take for granted.”

How This School Helps Prepare Students for the Future

According to Mr. Fleischer, “Students must learn to think for themselves and write productively. They must be able to study and remember key information for tests and quizzes. In our world, students need to be skilled at reading and writing to advance in their careers. They must be able to test productively to attain licenses and degrees.” 

Mr. Fleischer’s Personal Interests

“I really like to snowboard and go for hikes.”

“I like to see students become educated through online learning. All colleges have classes with online learning now.”

— Mr. Fleischer