Headshot of Amy Wenzel

Amy Wenzel

Special Education Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree, Liberal Studies, Elementary Education Pre-K–6, Longwood University; Master’s Degree, Special Education, General Curriculum K–12, Longwood University; Endorsement in Educational Leadership, Longwood University 

Amy Wenzel started teaching in 2014 and joined Virginia Connections Academy in 2023. She teaches special education, behavior support, and social skills to students in grades 6–11.

Why She Decided to Become a Teacher

According to Ms. Wenzel, “I’ve always loved school, so I just decided to stay there my whole life! Also, I’ve had so many amazing teacher role models throughout my educational background.

“At this school, I get the chance to focus on my students and what they need. When I’m meeting with my students, they are all there is in that moment, and I can truly dedicate my time to them without a million distractions. I can listen to them and hear them. I can build quality relationships.”

The Online School Program Experience at Virginia Connections Academy

According to Ms. Wenzel, “This school allows students to have their educational needs met in a virtual environment, while offering them the opportunity to participate in the social aspect of learning. Students can take part in field trips, clubs, and other real-world experiences.” Her favorite classroom activity is “group discussions. Even though they sometimes go awry, it’s always a valuable learning experience.” 

How This School Helps Prepare Students for the Future

Reports Ms. Wenzel, “Students at Virginia Connections Academy are given the opportunity to work with their teachers and peers in virtual classroom settings, which promotes 21st century skills so critical to our lives today.”

One thing she would tell families thinking of enrolling their child in our school: “Research your role as the Learning Coach. It is a big responsibility, but the opportunity to become an involved part of your child’s education can be so valuable, and the bond you can create while working together is priceless.”

Ms. Wenzel’s Personal Interests

“I have a 14-month-old son who is my entire world. He is the best way I could ever imagine spending all my free time. I love experiencing life through his eyes and seeing everything as new and exciting. We most enjoy spending time outside together taking walks and exploring nature.”

“The most important parts of teaching so often get lost in the hustle and bustle of a brick-and-mortar setting. Virtual learning/teaching allows you to just be.”

— Ms. Wenzel