Image of Solomon

Solomon W.

7th Grade Student

Solomon W. is an artist who loves math and a leader who enjoys making friends. Still only in seventh grade, he has already embraced so much of what Virginia Connections Academy has to offer.

Thriving as a Student

Like many students, Solomon points to flexibility as one of the key advantages of Connections Academy® compared to his prior school. He likes that he “can spend as much time as [he wants] on a lesson,” to give himself an opportunity to really absorb the material. But he also understands that with that freedom comes responsibility. “As long as [I] get it done before the end of the week,” he explains.

Solomon’s favorite subject is art. “I am an artist… very passionate about drawing,” he says. His most memorable experience, however, came in a totally different subject—math class. The reason? “His teacher,” explains Solomon. In fact, he has “healthy relationships with [all] his teachers.” 

“I love Connections Academy because it’s a great school with even greater people.”

— Solomon

Happy as a Person

Socially, things are going just as well for Solomon. The extracurricular clubs at Virginia Connections Academy play a key role in that. Participating in the clubs is “a great opportunity to make friends.” He further reports that his “favorite club is the Leadership Club” because he “loves leading people.” 

Image of Virginia Connections Academy student Solomon visiting a dairy farm.