Image of Raegyn


Middle School Student

Raegyn is an eighth grader at Virginia Connections Academy. In her free time, she likes to paint, journal, walk her dogs, and hang out with family.

Why Raegyn Chose Virginia Connections Academy

According to Raegyn, “What interested me in Virginia Connections Academy . . . [was] the school’s flexibility and positive environment. . . My favorite subject is science, because of the projects and notes.”

I love Virginia Connections Academy because of its positivity and kind staff.

— Raegyn

Raegyn’s Online School Program Experience

“I have a great relationship with my teachers. They’re all so positive . . . my math teacher especially has helped me,” reports Raegyn.

“My favorite experience [at Virginia Connections Academy] has been well first testing. I was able to meet people my age that I relate to. Also, teachers put quotes on every email and even some assignments, and I love reading them.”

Raegyn says that what works well for her at our program is the flexibility and the pace at which she’s able to go.

Image of Virginia Connections Academy student Raegyn working on schoolwork.