Image of Mikaylah


High School Student

Mikaylah is a tenth grader at Virginia Connections Academy and is passionate about theater. She appreciates our school program’s flexible approach to education and says, “it makes it easy to schedule school around theater.”

Why Mikaylah Chose Virginia Connections Academy

According to Mikaylah, “The thing that interested me most about this school is that it’s an online program as opposed to an in-person program. … Virginia Connections Academy is different from other types of homeschooling I’ve done. … [I’m able] to get everything on my schedule done on that day, which is beneficial for me.”

“This program works well for me because I’m able to do schoolwork around my schedule and do things on my time.”

— Mikaylah

Mikaylah’s Online School Program Experience

“I have a pretty good relationship with my teachers,” reports Mikaylah. “When I reach out [to them] with questions, they explain what to do in a way that is super easy to understand. … My favorite subject is earth science. I think the way it’s structured makes it incredibly easy to learn. It is also fun to learn about space.

“My most memorable experience at Virginia Connections Academy has been getting my first 100% on a test.”