Image of Lilah


8th Grade Student

For Lilah Davis, schoolwork at Virginia Connections Academy is nothing like it was at her previous school. It’s not the material that is different—it’s her mindset. “I enjoy the feeling of achievement after I do my schoolwork,” Lilah says. “I was self-motivated and did it by myself and worked hard.”

A Strong Student Who Finally Found the Right Program

Lilah had previously attended both private and public schools. Neither had worked well for her. At private school, she was spending up to five hours a night on homework, leaving no time for extracurriculars. At public school, Lilah was faced with an entirely different issue: She didn’t feel safe.

At Virginia Connections Academy, Lilah is thriving. “My favorite subjects are language arts and social studies,” she reports. “I like the way the curriculum is structured and… the Lesson Note-Taking Organizers that we fill out in every lesson.” Lilah gets plenty of support from her teachers, and notes that “they make it very easy to book a one-on-one meeting with them.”

Lilah also loves “all the field trips that are organized by Connections Academy.” 

Acting, Singing, Dancing

But Lilah’s favorite thing about the program is the flexibility it provides her to pursue her passions: acting, singing, and dancing. “Most of my theater rehearsals are during the evening around 6 p.m. I also have long rehearsals on the weekends, so I do my schoolwork [during] the week.”

“I love Connections Academy because it… helps me feel proud of myself and my accomplishments.”

— Lilah

Image of Virginia Connections Academy student Lilah acting.