Image of Keri Durkin

Keri Durkin

Learning Coach

Keri is the Learning Coach and mother of Raegyn Durkin, an eighth grader at Virginia Connections Academy. According to Keri, enrolling here and disenrolling from her previous school was easy — and “[f]inding this school was a breath of fresh air.”

Why the Family Chose Virginia Connections Academy

Reports Keri, “We were looking for a more positive and safer environment for learning . . . Virginia Connections Academy encourages Raegyn to be the best she can be . . . teachers spend time with her and actually teach through [on-camera] LiveLesson® sessions. . . . Communication with her teachers is very positive. Being able to reach them and have them respond quickly is important.” 

“Virginia Connections Academy has been the best choice we’ve ever made for our daughter.”

— Keri

The Online School Program Experience at Virginia Connections Academy

Keri appreciates how our school program’s flexibility benefits her daughter and says, “Managing schedules for us is great. Raegyn likes spending much of her extra time creating, crafting, and working on her journals. [Her other] favorite activity is doing science experiments. We enjoy making a hypothesis and following through with results.”

One piece of advice Keri would offer families considering our school is to “just breathe . . . [I]t seems very overwhelming at first, but it’s super easy once you get involved. Enjoy the moments.”

Image of learning coach Keri with Virginia Connections Academy student Raegyn