Image of Jasmine

Jasmine Barber

Learning Coach

“Finding the right school for my child helped to reduce a lot of stress,” says Jasmine Barber. For years, she hadn’t found the right kind of schooling where her son could thrive. The brick-and-mortar environment was stressful; homeschooling didn’t provide the “school experience.” Then, she discovered Connections Academy®.

“From Hating Math to Loving It”

Connections Academy places a strong emphasis on independent learning, and Jasmine quickly recognized its positive impact. “The increased accountability made my son take more leadership in his learning,” she says. But “the biggest breakthrough” came in math.

“My son went from hating math to loving it—due to an excellent teacher who adapts her lessons to all learning styles,” Jasmine explains. Perhaps almost as exciting, the family “was able to end an expensive math tutoring service.”

“I am confident that [my son] will excel in college and beyond because of his experience at Connections Academy.”

— Jasmine

Constant Communication

Jasmine really appreciates the school’s curriculum, from “preparing [her son] for a digital future” to helping her son “manage his time” to “adding more cardio to his routine.”

As his Learning Coach, she’s been involved in all of it. “My favorite Learning Coach activity is checking in daily [on] his progress in his academic plan. I am able to see what he learned [as well as] any areas where he needs additional support.” Getting that support is easy, Jasmine explains. “My son’s teachers are amazing. They quickly answer any questions… and his homeroom teacher is available for 1:1 meetings.”

Connections Academy has been life-changing for Jasmine and her family. She’s also fully embracing her new role. To future Learning Coaches out there, she offers this bit of advice: “Make sure you take the time to celebrate yourself and the little daily Learning Coach wins.”