Image of Amanda


High School Student

Amanda is an eleventh grader at Virginia Connections Academy. She’s serious about figure skating and says her favorite part of our school program is “the flexibility that allows me to train and compete.”

Why Amanda Chose Virginia Connections Academy

Amanda and her family decided she should attend our school program because they were confident it would enable her to pursue her athletic dreams while getting an excellent education. “I’m extremely passionate about ice dance,” reports Amanda. “I’ve been competing in [the sport] for a few years now, and my goal is to compete in both the World Figure Skating Championships and the Winter Olympics.

“I went to school in-person until two years ago. Since making the switch to Virginia Connections Academy, I’ve been able to focus on both school and my sport. This has helped benefit my training since I’m able to switch between training and school periodically.”

“I love [this school] because it allows me to have more time for training. This flexibility pushes me toward achieving my goals.” 

— Amanda

Amanda’s Online School Program Experience

“I have a very positive relationship with all my teachers. They’re all helping me achieve my academic goals. … My favorite subjects are PE and Spanish. I like PE because a lot of it relates to activity, and as an athlete that’s important. Spanish is fun because I find it interesting to learn a new language.

“As an athlete, it is important to have a flexible way to learn. With Virginia Connections Academy, I’m able to learn properly from anywhere at any time. … I’m able to do my schoolwork from the ice rink during my breaks in between training. … [and] it’s easy to manage my schedule.”

Image of Amanda at an ice dance competition, holding a 1st place trophy.