Image of Abdelrahman


Middle School Student

Abdelrahman Nachmaoui is a sixth grader at Virginia Connections Academy. He appreciates our school program’s flexible approach to education because it enables him to participate in the many activities he enjoys. He also appreciates his teachers and says, “[They] are incredibly kind and caring.” 

Why Abdelrahman Chose Virginia Connections Academy

According to Abdelrahman, “What caught my attention about this school . . . [was being able] to complete all required work comfortably from home. Additionally, if you don’t achieve a passing grade on a quiz or assessment, you have the opportunity to review and correct your mistakes, aiming for a [higher] score.

“I appreciate the flexibility and convenience of virtual learning compared to the rigid schedule and constraints of traditional [brick-and-mortar] public schools. Waking up early, rushing, and long hours confined to a desk are replaced with shorter, recorded lessons; a more relaxed morning; and the option to ask questions or attend office hours at my convenience. Private sessions with teachers can be easily booked, enhancing my learning experience to better suit my needs.”

“What appeals to me most about this school is being able to acquire a wealth of knowledge while simultaneously pursuing other personal goals.”

— Abdelrahman

Abdelrahman’s Online School Program Experience

“I enjoy language arts, science, math, and other subjects,” reports Abdelrahman. “Additionally, there are engaging activities such as Art Fun Friday, where you can showcase and discuss art. For subjects like social studies and art, there are optional boot camps to help focus on any challenging topics and gain a better understanding.

“One of my passions is pursuing a career as a biologist. This interest was sparked when I joined this school and had the opportunity to raise my own adorable chickens, which I’ve been caring for over the past five months, and they’re thriving . . . I dedicate my additional free time to activities such as swimming, soccer, and a bit of basketball.”

According to Abdelrahman, his favorite school program experience has been “the school-organized field trip to Cox Farm. It was a fantastic outing where I got to enjoy the company of many classmates, making it an incredibly enjoyable and memorable day.”