Image of Lindsey Cattelain

Lindsey Cattelain

Elementary Teacher

Lindsey Cattelain is an elementary teacher at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). She began teaching in 2003. Mrs. Cattelain earned her BS in elementary education from Brigham Young University. She shares about her experience at UCA below.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

"I became a teacher because I love working with kids and seeing them experience a light bulb moment. It brings me a lot of satisfaction to be a part of the process that a student goes through to master a concept. I began my teaching career in Las Vegas where I taught kindergarten and first grade. I took some time off when I had my own children, and then came back to teaching here at UCA. I’ve taught both sixth and third grade.

UCA helps students become organized and independent. Students have a responsibility to complete their lessons each day and have good communication with their teachers. These are great life skills that will benefit them throughout their entire school career and beyond. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know students personally by have one-on-one time with them every month.

"I became a teacher because I love working with kids and seeing them experience a light bulb moment."

— Ms. Cattelain

My Teaching Background

Our families and staff make the school community so special—I able to get to know not only the student, but also the Learning Coach and siblings. Each staff member is willing to help each child achieve success. Although students get to know one another virtually, the field trip and other social activities that are planned allow the students to get to know one another in person. Students here have a lot in common and seem to get along well with each other.

I would tell perspective parents that students who have actively involved parents and learning coaches typically are more successful—it makes such a difference! This school allows parents and students to learn together, so if you’d like to be actively involved in your students learning, then this is the school for you!"

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of teaching, Mrs. Cattelain enjoys boating, dirt biking, and snowboarding with her husband. She also likes to read and spend time with family and friends.