Image of Ms.Simonson

Jill Simonson

High School Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education, University of Montana; Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Learning Sciences, Utah State University

Jill Simonson began teaching in 1994 and joined Utah Connections Academy in 2011. She is the ninth-grade advisory teacher and also teaches Freshman Success and personal finance.

Why I Became an Educator

I went into secondary education because I had a great desire to help teenagers meet their full potential and felt that my understanding and calm demeanor would be especially beneficial to them. 

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

I like being part of an online school like this one, in part because we give students access to a very wonderful and complete education, which some of them might not be able to get in-person.

I love this school’s field trips. My favorite (so far) was a trip to Black Island Farms, where we got to take a hayride and pick our own pumpkins! 

My Hobbies and Interests

I’m married and have seven children plus three bonus children and three grandchildren. I homeschool the two children who still live with us, teach an online class for a university, and am involved in real estate. My kids and I do a fair amount of hiking and camping, and I like to read. In other words, I am never, ever bored! 

"This school provides students with a full and robust education."

— Ms. Simonson