Image of Mr. Straw

Brandon Straw

Middle School Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree in History and Secondary Education, Colorado Mesa University 

Brandon Straw began teaching in 2012 and joined Utah Connections Academy in 2022, where he teaches social studies to students in middle school. 

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

Middle school students are fun, energetic young people who love to learn. Their creativity and spontaneity are wonderful and inspire me to look forward to teaching them every day. 

Utah Connections Academy prepares students to have a bright and successful future in many ways. Students are given the resources to explore topics on their own, develop time management skills, and hold themselves accountable for their education and overall success. These are valuable life-long skills that will serve our students well.

"Utah Connections Academy does a great job of getting students ready for life beyond school."

— Mr. Straw