Trella Jensen


Isaac began in a regular public school. He frequently came home with unfinished work, didn’t get the attention he needed from his teachers, and at times even struggled with bullying. After a couple, unpleasant years we decided to try something new.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

We were interested in homeschooling but wanted something that offered a little more assistance and structure. We searched online and found Utah Connections Academy. It was perfect! It gave us a chance to do school at home and the school books and materials are provided along with books to help guide the learning coach with the lessons in each subject. We also get great teachers, and support and help when we need it. We are able to communicate with Isaac’s teacher by email or telephone and have regularly scheduled calls to help us stay on track and ask questions we might have.

Utah Connections Academy has advanced curriculum that will help prepare him for the future and offers extra courses that you would not find at a regular public grade school. It gives each student the opportunity to learn on a computer, providing them with far more advanced technological skills than they would otherwise receive in a normal school setting where computers are scarce. It allows for a flexible schedule and the opportunity to learn one on one, hands on. They often find a way to tie the different subjects together and have fun, interactive lessons. Isaac is in fourth grade and is in his third year at Utah Connections Academy.

"Utah Connections Academy has allowed Isaac to excel in a safe, nurturing environment."

— Trella

Since beginning at Utah Connections Academy his assignments are never incomplete, his reading has improved, and his grades are excellent. Isaac and I enjoy attending the live lessons and morning meetings together. We even sing happy birthday together when one of the other students has a birthday. One of my favorite things about being Isaac’s learning coach is seeing him get so involved and excited about a lesson or subject he likes. We have deeply engaging conversations about what he is learning and how it might relate to his own life. His favorite subjects are art, and especially science. He loves learning about geology, chemistry, engineering, and just how things work in general.

Hobbies and Interests

Isaac spends his time outside school in the swimming pool, creating elaborate buildings with Legos or in Minecraft, running with his cross country team, and even indoor rock climbing. Isaac stays connected with friends by attending school functions and field trips, joining sports teams at local community centers, and participating in activities at the library. Utah Connections Academy provides a safe, fun, and happy environment for kids to learn and grow.