Nina Sanders

Learning Coach

Nina Sanders is the parent and Learning Coach of Teyanah, a student enrolled in Utah Connections Academy. The Sanders family chose Utah Connections Academy because it offers flexibility that traditional school does not. Nina shares her story below:

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

“What interested me the most about online school for my daughter was the time flexibility. If my daughter had been going to a traditional school, she would have not been able to pursue her interests at her young age.

Teyanah developed her interest in acting and modeling when she was only three years old. She started being serious at the age of four. When she was five years old, she won a pageant in North Hollywood, California, and attended the Talent Search in Los Angeles. During the Talent Search, a lot of agents and managers were interested in signing her up. So, we thought, If she is going to pursue her acting and modeling in Los Angeles, she can’t be in a traditional school.

“We love Connections Academy because of the time flexibility. My daughter is learning and getting a great education while having the freedom to do what she loves to do."

— Nina

I searched online to find out how I could enroll Teyanah in an online school that would give us freedom to travel, and found I Connections Academy. I called the number for more details, and I was so happy to know that my daughter can be anywhere and still get a great education and be on track with her schooling. All we need is a computer and internet. That’s what caught my attention and helped me decide that Connections Academy was the right school for my daughter.

What works for me in the program is that my daughter is learning so many things so quickly compared to other kids who I know who are attending traditional schools. The teachers are very helpful and easy to reach when needed. The technology that Connections Academy is using is user-friendly, and it’s fun for my daughter to learn and work on her lessons.

My daughter loves all the subjects just because she loves learning, but she especially loves math, science, and language arts. As her Learning Coach, I am really surprised how well she does in these subjects. The instructions are easy to understand, as is the way the lessons are put together. My daughter has learned so many things and is having fun learning.

Right now, she is very active in acting, and she goes to Los Angeles, California, from time to time as requested by her talent agent and her manager, who send her to auditions. Thanks to Connections Academy, it is so easy for us to travel and have the freedom to do all these things while Teyanah is still keeping up with everything that she is supposed to do for her lessons.”

Nina Sanders, Learning Coach