Isaac Sulimowicz

Isaac Sulimowicz

Elementary School Student

While attending a regular public school Isaac would come home discouraged, stressed out, and often times with the day's assignments unfinished. It was time for a change! That's when we found Utah Connections Academy.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

Now Isaac gets excited about school and loves the opportunity to engage in one on one conversations with his learning coach about what he is learning. He enjoys the interactive lessons and really likes being able to utilize a computer so much during school. He looks forward to the jokes at morning meeting each day and really likes being able to interact with his teacher and the other students during live lessons. Since Isaac really enjoys drawing, chemistry, and geology it's no surprise that art and science are his favorite subjects.

Outside school you can find Isaac and his friends digging trenches in the yard, getting new mods for Minecraft, and brainstorming new building ideas for Minecraft, Terraria, and Legos. He has a lot of fun spending time in the swimming pool or on the indoor rock climbing wall at our local community centers. He often goes to the activities at the library where he can meet new friends and pick out a new book to read.

"I love Utah Connections Academy because I get to do school at home where my grandma is my learning coach, and I get the chance to do a lot of science experiments."

— Isaac

Isaac plans to go to college and hopes to be a scientist or video game designer someday. Thanks to Utah Connections Academy Isaac is getting the support and skills he needs to achieve his dreams in a fun, nurturing environment.