Kristin Garner

Kristin Garner

Science Teacher

Bachelor's degree in Spanish and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Lee University

Kristin Garner joined Tennessee Connections Academy in 2020, where she teaches science to students 6th grade.

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a teacher because I love to see and help children grow. When I first became an educator, the principal I worked for said something I’ve never forgotten: “We do not teach the subject, we teach the child.” I’ve heard it repeated over the years and it’s never lost on me. I’ve had the privilege of teaching many subjects, and yet my goal is always the same. Meet each child where they are and help them grow and learn.

Students have an important role in how things will be in the future of our world and every little bit helps. I love teaching virtually because I not only get to watch students grow, but to connect with families.

The Online School Experience at Tennessee Connections Academy

Fostering student engagement and interaction is important at this school. There often isn’t one way to engage everyone, so I connect with students in ways that work for each of them. I find that individualizing engagement can be just as important as individualizing instruction. Talking with students about their interests and what’s going on in their lives helps us all connect and brings our classes to life.

Tennessee Connections Academy helps students prepare for a successful future by giving them opportunities to apply what they’re learning to real life. By engaging with their teachers and taking ownership of their education, especially with all the one-on-one opportunities provided here, students hone skills that will carry them far in life. 

If there’s one thing I’d tell parents thinking of enrolling their student here, it would be that we’d love to partner with you to help your child thrive.

“In the world of technology we live in, the online skills our students develop help set them up for success later in life.”

— Ms. Garner