Jennifer Pinkston

Learning Coach

Jennifer Pinkston is a Learning Coach for her four daughters, Savannah, Brianna, Jenna, and Mollie, at Tennessee Connections Academy. Jennifer has been impressed with the school’s learning curriculum, dedicated teachers, and the program’s flexibility. She shares more about her family’s story below:

“I have four children, and they all have separate interests. My 14-year-old wants to possibly enter the medical field or work for the FBI,” says Jennifer. “My 12-year-old wants to join the Air Force and become a K-9 handler. She wants to then become a veterinarian. My 8-year-old also wants to become a veterinarian. My 10-year-old has not expressed anything specific that she would like to pursue as a career, but I believe she would be a great engineer because she’s great at constructing things and finding solutions to structural problems.

“Tennessee Connections Academy is preparing my children to be successful in all areas in relation to a career. They will leave school as better readers, notetakers, test-takers, summarizers, investigators, scientists, mathematicians, problem solvers, communicators, and so on. I am pleased with the computer skills, knowledge, and information my children have already learned. My children will be more well-rounded with the information that has been provided to them at Tennessee Connections Academy.

“Our previous homeschool experience had no structure, accountability, or approved curriculum. My high schooler was the reason we pursued Tennessee Connections Academy. Not only is it tuition-free but it’s also fully accredited with teachers, a curriculum, and accountability. My daughter was concerned she wasn’t learning what she needed to in order to graduate high school if we were to continue using our previous program.

I absolutely love Tennessee Connections Academy because the curriculum is both challenging and fun, and the material is presented so that any type of learner is able to achieve success.

— Jennifer

“Tennessee Connections Academy is a structured but flexible system. There are multiple opportunities to achieve success, and the time spent learning with Tennessee Connections Academy is considerably greater than the time that was allotted in their traditional brick-and-mortar school.

“The teachers are an important factor, especially for my high schooler. She is a very studious and diligent student. Last year we didn’t have the benefit of teachers, as I was the only instructor. I would grade her assignments, as well as provide feedback. My daughter was often left wondering if my feedback was enough. She absolutely needs the teacher feedback to feel her work is sufficient.

“Tennessee Connections Academy has provided her with confidence in a meaningful, at-home educational experience. For this, I am grateful. I love that the teachers are fully invested in each student’s subject mastery. I am in constant contact with my children’s teachers both through WebMail and LiveLesson® sessions. There are a few teachers who have also given me their phone numbers to stay in touch.

“I love the ability to see at any moment how my students are performing and what they may need help with. Not only am I able to visually see the grades for my children, but I’m also able to hear them talk about what they’re learning. The positive feedback from their teachers shows my children are mastering their work.

“The experiments that my children have been able to do are most memorable to me. The excitement on their faces and the devotion to these experiments show me that they do, in fact, love learning if provided in a fun way. What separates these experiences from others is that these times included my children saying, ‘We wouldn’t be able to do this in public school because . . .’ At these times, my heart is happy that we found Tennessee Connections Academy!”

Mark and his son attending online school