Ms. Moser

Christina Moser

School Leader

B.S. Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University; Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification, Alvernia University; M.Ed. Educational Leadership/Principal Certification, Wilkes University; MBA Business Administration, Strayer University (in progress) 

Christina Moser has been with Connections Academy® network schools since 2006, first as a teacher and then as a senior consultant. As the school leader at Pennwood Cyber Charter School, her favorite part of the job is engaging with the school community and partnering with others to implement forward-looking, impactful, and sustainable solutions. 

Why I Became an Educator

What matters most to me is that anyone who interacts with me feels seen, heard, and valued, inspiring them to do the same for others. Having a relationship with or being associated with people, things, or ideas is the epitome of learning. In education, curiosity nudges us outside of our comfort zones where we figuratively walk in someone else’s shoes along with endless possibilities in discovering what has yet to be.  

Whether I’m exploring the past, planted in the present, or imagining the future, learning through those connections offers holistic sensory learning experiences to embrace, challenge, or lay down tracks for a change. The beauty of education is its diversity and inclusiveness are non-negotiable; all brains are in the game! 

The Online School Experience at Pennwood Cyber Charter School

There’s a level of trust between families, students, and our staff that’s exclusive to the online learning community. Parents are empowered to see their child’s success firsthand while partnering with teachers. There are many opportunities for students and teachers to come together via virtual and in-person activities. 

Intentional relationships are built through varied communications between students, caregivers, Learning Coaches, teachers, and school staff in establishing trust and partnership, which is pivotal in creating and sustaining a successful online school community. Our students and families have chosen online learning to meet their unique needs and are committed to academic excellence. Engaging with our students and families, building our school community, and celebrating our students’ small and big wins is priceless! 

Connections Academy revels in the challenges of adapting and growing in providing innovative, accessible, and reliable learning resources that prepare students for a lifetime of learning.

— Ms. Moser

How the School Creates a Welcoming Community

I never met a stranger! Pennwood Cyber Charter School values people. Everyone has a story filled with contentment, plights, and ambitions; we welcome and nurture everyone’s stories. From day one, someone at this school is there to support families, students, and our teachers to ensure they have the tools and contacts necessary to assimilate into our school community. 

How Pennwood Cyber Charter School Helps Prepare Students for a Bright Future

Technology is paramount in today’s global society. Our educators understand how to navigate and execute technology with purpose in facilitating students’ learning. Remote learning and employment are a mainstay in our world.

Aside from the advantage of technology expertise, Pennwood Cyber Charter School excels in offering engaging, relevant, and skills-building curriculum, viable relationships, and a safe learning environment for students to build on and celebrate personal breakthroughs—ultimately, walking across the stage to the cheers of their families, friends, and school community.