Neva Johnson

Homeless Liaison/Lead Counselor

Neva Johnson is the lead counselor at Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). She joined the OKCA family in 2016 and loves being able to help students develop a belief in their abilities. She also loves to emphasize the importance of education. Ms. Johnson has her bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology and her master’s in counseling. She truly values helping students set their postsecondary goals.

She says, “I love working at OKCA because it allows me to have more quality time with students. My favorite part of the job is working with a team in supporting students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. With online school, we offer flexibility and create the opportunity for individualized, uninterrupted time with students. Students who attend OKCA receive a comprehensive rigorous education that prepares them for a bright future.”

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