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Sonia Panjnani


Sonia Panjnani is a graduate from Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). She and her sister Nikhita were previously homeschooled but wanted more curricular resources and teacher availability. Sonia is passionate about art and is a happy OKCA student. She tells her story below:

"I was interested in Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA) because my family had been homeschooling but felt we needed more guidance from a teacher. For me, the best things in the OKCA program are the flexible schedule, a good curriculum, and help from teachers if I need it.

While I like all of my subjects, my favorites are science and math. I am passionate about art, and I like to make detailed designs. I also like to read about and research topics that interest me."

What I like most about OKCA is the flexibility of the schedule and the great curriculum.

— Sonia