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Nikhita Panjnani


Nikhita Panjnani is a graduate of Oklahoma Connections Academy. She was a Gifted and Talented student who was not reaching her fullest potential in a traditional brick-and-mortar school and thrived at Oklahoma Connections Academy. She tells her story below.

"When I used to attend a bricks-and-mortar school, I felt that I wasn’t being challenged enough. My teachers were never there to help me expand my knowledge and grow as a student. After I had a very bad experience at my old school, my parents started homeschooling both me and my sister.

It was a million times better than public school, but my parents were having a hard time getting all the resources we needed to have a proper learning experience. When they found out about Connections Academy, it was like magic. Oklahoma Connections Academy was perfect.

I loved Oklahoma Connections Academy because the curriculum challenged me, and my schedule allowed me to have the time to do what I love.

— Nikhita

On my first day, it was a little tricky getting used to the fact that my entire school was on my computer, but eventually I got used to it—and I loved it. My teachers were always there to help me, and the curriculum was amazing. I especially enjoyed social studies and math.

Given my passion for music, dance, and acting, it is nice that, with Connections Academy, I could balance all my schoolwork and my after-school lessons. I play piano and guitar, which are both very lovely instruments that require a lot of practice time. I have also been learning and performing various Indian folk dances with the rest of my dance group."

Nikhita playing the acoustic guitar