“The best possible education available to him”

Kelli noticed the difference immediately. At Oklahoma Connections Academy, her student can “learn in a way that is productive for him.” She no longer worries that he is “holding up other students,” nor is she concerned about him being distracted by “the minutiae of regular classroom chatter and hubbub.”

As the Learning Coach, she plays a significant role – and an active one. She explains that she “cannot coach by setting [her] student in front of a computer and walking away,” especially “because this is a challenging curriculum.” Kelli’s grandson takes a number of courses, but social studies is his favorite. (Kelli’s too!) “We take extra time learning civics … and history, both American and European.” Whenever possible, she tries to broaden the scope of his learning, “integrating cooking, baking … TV shows … and outside reading into his current lessons.”

Kelli feels the results have been promising: “With family involvement, we are confident that our student will have the best possible education available to him.”  

If you think this is easier, you are wrong. If you think this is very rewarding, you are correct.

— Kelli

Teachers + Coach

Even with all her involvement, Kelli understands that the primary educators are the teachers. “They are the leaders,” she says, and “they are doing a great job.” An important part of Kelli’s role as a Learning Coach is to communicate frequently with the teachers. “If my student is having particular trouble, I let them know.” 

She even works with the teachers to improve her coaching. “[I] ask if there are ways that I can improve my performance,” she reports, “in order to help our student succeed.”