Frequently Asked Questions About Great River Connections Academy

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What is Great River Connections Academy?

Great River Connections Academy (GRCA), a tuition-free full-time public virtual charter school, has been authorized by the Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS) to serve students in grades K–12 throughout the state beginning in the 2018–19 school year.

How is Great River Connections Academy different from Ohio Connections Academy?

Like Ohio Connections Academy, Ohio’s highest-performing K–12 eSchool for the last seven years, Great River Connections Academy will use the nationally recognized Connections Academy® program and its award-winning curriculum, which supports Ohio Learning Standards and meets iNACOL’s National Standards for Quality Online Courses. Using the same program will enable administrators and faculty from both schools to collaborate easily and share best practices for delivering a high-quality, personalized education to Ohio students.

Great River Connections Academy and Ohio Connections Academy are separate eSchools, each overseen by its own governing board and school leader. Both virtual charter schools are authorized by the Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS), an organization that sponsors a combination of brick-and-mortar and virtual schools throughout the state. Drawing upon the resources of an experienced authorizer and a nationally recognized program, as well as a dedicated board and school leader, Great River Connections Academy can effectively establish and maintain the excellent educational standards Ohio parents expect.

Which students are eligible to participate in Great River Connections Academy?

Great River Connections Academy (GRCA) serves Ohio students in grades K–12. See the Eligibility section of the website for full details.

What kind of technology does my family need to participate?

Families enrolling in GRCA should visit the Hardware and Connectivity page for full details.

Does Connections Academy provide services and accommodations for students with disabilities?

For students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), Connections Academy provides a continuum of virtual special education services that range from consultation, curriculum accommodation and modification, and collaboration with Learning Coaches and Connections Academy general education teachers to virtual direct instruction. Connections Academy provides students with IEPs with related services that may include virtual speech language and virtual occupational therapy, as determined by the IEP team. For eligible students with disabilities who do not require special education, Connections Academy develops (as needed) and implements Section 504 plans that detail appropriate accommodations and modifications.

How does Great River Connections Academy support students with disabilities?

Federal law requires Great River Connections Academy to provide its students, regardless of disability, with an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the school’s education program. Great River Connections Academy is committed to providing its students with equal access to its education program. We provide students with accessibility through resources tailored to each student’s individual abilities and needs, including assistive technologies and individualized support.

If your student is in need of assistance in order to fully participate in Great River Connections Academy's education program, please contact the school’s special education director or the school’s 504 coordinator. You can also obtain 24-hour technical support by calling the Accessibility Hotline at 888-639-5960.

Has any educational organization ever evaluated the program and its curriculum?

Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education LLC, which is accredited by AdvancED.

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