Image of Ms. Nelson

Mallory Nelson

High School Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; Master of Curriculum and Instruction and Technology Instruction, Ashland University

Ms. Nelson joined the faculty at Ohio Connections Academy in 2018. She was trained in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences, hired as a teacher for that subject area specifically, and continues in that position today.

The School Just Keeps Getting Better

Ms. Nelson’s role is one of the few things that has not changed during her time at the school. In our rapidly changing world, technology – and how we use it – may be what’s changing fastest of all. That has a significant impact for the online learning environment at Ohio Connections Academy. Ms. Nelson recalls that when she started at the school, the virtual learning platform felt somewhat dated, behind the times. Today, “it has not only kept up,” she says, “but surpassed the times” in just about every way.

Students are Better Equipped for Life

Before she arrived, like many educators, Ms. Nelson didn’t have much experience with online schooling. After five years at Ohio Connections Academy, she now fully understands the advantages compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar environment.

Students “learn early how to manage their own time,” she explains, “balancing a schedule like all adults have to.” Many students are heavily involved in extracurricular activities. Some have jobs. Some have significant family obligations. However, at Ohio Connections Academy students learn how to handle it all. “They just a get a head start and are more equipped for life after high school.”

[Students] learn early how to manage their own time.. balancing a schedule like all adults have to.

—  Ms. Nelson