Image of Ms. Leader

Kayla Leader

High School Social Studies Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Social Studies Teaching, The State University of New York College at Cortland

There’s No Substitute for Good Timing

Ms. Leader took a different path to Ohio Connections Academy than did most members of the school’s faculty. “I started as a substitute for a colleague on medical leave,” she recalls. The timing turned out to be very good, as was the impression Ms. Leader made on students, families, and fellow staff. “Thankfully I was hired full-time that summer,” she says.

That was 2015. Today, after many years at the school, Ms. Leader is appreciative of the opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of so many students. “Teachers here are all very committed to helping students be successful,” she says. “It is so great to feel like all my colleagues are on the same page.”

Veteran’s Day Surprise

Looking ahead, Ms. Leader envisions Ohio Connections Academy having an even greater impact on even more students all across the state. “I think we will be a real leader in the virtual school world,” she predicts. “The way we do things really is better… in my opinion.”

One particular event exemplified the kind of learning experiences the school offers, as well as the strength of the Ohio Connections Academy community. It was Veterans Day a few years back, and one of Ms. Leader’s former students, now an adult, returned to the school to give a presentation about the holiday and what it signifies.

As a social studies teacher and as an American, Ms. Leader says that it “was a huge proud moment!”

Teachers here are all very committed to helping students be successful.

—  Ms. Leader