Image of Ms. Hilty

Emily Hilty

Elementary School Teacher

Master of Arts, Elementary Education, Western Governors University; Bachelor of Arts, Marketing & Communications, Bluffton University

Ms. Hilty is one of those lucky people whose profession is her passion. “I love meeting and working with students from all different backgrounds,” she says, “helping them feel supported in their education.” For Ms. Hilty, that support doesn’t start with the lessons, but with the learning environment. “I always try to focus my efforts on making our class a positive and safe environment for students,” she says, “to try new things, make friends, and express themselves.” 

Learning to Take Responsibility

Ms. Hilty has been teaching at Ohio Connections Academy since 2020. During nearly four years at the school, she has noticed many differences from traditional brick-and-mortar learning environments. The ones she appreciates most for her elementary school students have nothing to do with the academic material itself.  

“Time management” and “taking responsibility” are essential skills in life, and important parts of an Ohio Connections Academy education. Without hours and hours of traditional class time, students cannot get by as passive learners. Independent work requires them to set goals and meet deadlines, even as elementary students. Students “take responsibility for their own learning” and, according to Ms. Hilty, are more engaged because of it.  

And when students do need assistance, it is readily available. Ms. Hilty enjoys getting to work one-on-one with all her students, or in smaller groups. It’s a better experience for both students and teachers, and one of the reasons she hopes “to see virtual education be a more mainstream choice for parents.”  

Ms Hilty when she first joined Ohio Connections Academy and now

Chasing After Toddlers

When Ms. Hilty is not busy with work, she’s even busier. Much of “spare” time is spent looking after – and chasing after – her two young children. Somehow, she also finds time to work as a yoga instructor. “I am a licensed yoga teacher,” she says, “and enjoy teaching family yoga in the summer in my hometown.”

Every school year we have new tools and resources to better serve our students.

—  Ms. Hilty