Image of Ms. Kresky

Christie Kresky

9th Grade Intervention Specialist

Ms. Kresky has been at Ohio Connections Academy for more than a decade, teaching at both the elementary and high school levels. As much as anyone, she understands the advantages the school offers its students – starting with flexibility. 

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Ms. Kresky knows exactly what led her to becoming a teacher: It was a visit from her pen pal when she was in high school. The Japanese student had come to United States, by herself, even though she spoke little English. She relied on Ms. Kresky completely, both to interpret what she was saying to others and to translate what others were saying to her.

Ms. Kresky found the experience inspiring. She felt extremely gratified to help someone who needed it so greatly. Later in college, when she began teaching as part of her coursework, she was “drawn to the students who had learning difficulties” in particular. “I wanted to help them succeed,” she says. Ms. Kresky realized at that point that special education was her professional calling. “I wanted a career where I could help people who could not necessarily help themselves.”

Then and Now

Ohio Connections Academy has grown significantly during Ms. Kresky’s tenure. And as more students and families “realize the benefits of attending an online school,” she says, “I see Ohio Connections Academy adding more classes and more electives.” In other words, success builds upon success. 

In fact, when she first came to the school in 2012, “I used to go to back-to-school meetings and know almost everyone,” she recalls. Today, Ohio Connections Academy is a much larger institution. “Now we are so big, I think it is impossible to know everyone,” Ms. Kresky says. “It is amazing to see.”  

Outside of school, Ms. Kresky helps people in an entirely different way. “I am a kickboxing trainer,” she says (and a kickboxing champion, by the way). She loves yoga. She enjoys the outdoors, including kayaking. She also provides help to many non-humans – as a volunteer at the animal shelter.

I wanted a career where I could help people who could not necessarily help themselves.

—  Ms. Kresky