Meadow Weidner

Middle School

Meadow W. is a middle school student at New Mexico Connections Academy. New Mexico Connections Academy works well for Meadow because she can work at her own pace. The program also allows for flexibility in her schedule, which allows her to participate in dog show competitions and help out at her church. She shares her story below:

“I do a variety of things outside of school. I show dogs in conformation for the Australian Shepherd Club of America. I constantly work to get better at showing Jesse, my Australian shepherd. This past September, I got to go to Nationals in the junior division and won fourth place. I also have a mini rottweiler–papillion mixed dog that I constantly take care of, and I dog sit to help a few friends from church when they are on vacation.

One thing that really works well for me at New Mexico Connections Academy is that I can work a week or more ahead to make room for my busy schedule. In bricks-and-mortar school, I always wanted to get ahead but never had the chance since we had to keep pace with the class. Also, to help me manage my busy schedule, I pray.

"New Mexico Connections Academy is the best school I’ve ever gone to because the program allows me to be me."

— Meadow W.

Two of my favorite subjects are science and art. One of the main reasons I am interested in science is because in the future I want to work as a forensic scientist specializing in criminalistics. I really like art because I can be creative and not have to worry about standards. On this platform I feel like I can be more creative.

The relationships with my teachers at New Mexico Connections Academy are absolutely amazing! Whenever I have a problem understanding a lesson, they relate the lesson to me to help me think about what is being presented in a logical, real-world way. All my teachers are kind and aren’t afraid to help me fix the writing, experiments, or presentations that I submit. New Mexico Connections Academy is different from the previous schools I’ve attended because I can go at my pace, I can I have more freedom with my time, and I can talk about my faith without being looked down upon. New Mexico Connections Academy is just an overall better school.”


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