Lisha Hill

Lisha Hill

Learning Coach to a High School Student

Lisha Hill is the mother of Tate Hill, a high school student at New Mexico Connections Academy. New Mexico Connections Academy allows her family to customize Tate’s learning. She can rearrange his schedule and have him work ahead, freeing up time to compete at different trap shoots. She shares her story below:

“What interests me about Connections Academy is the fact that I can be involved with my child’s learning,” she said. “I know what my child is learning and that he is being challenged. Since we can customize his academic day, he does not get behind in school and is able to succeed both at school and in his extra activities. His grades prove to me that he is learning. He is actively engaged, and he is taking ownership of his education.

We are very busy with outside interests. My student is involved in church, 4-H, and shooting sports. He participates in high school and Amateur Trap Shooting (ATA) events, along with 4-H shooting sports, where he competes in archery, shotgun, and rifle. He is the vice president of his 4-H club and is a youth board member for our church. Since we are so busy with outside interests, we are able to schedule around his activities.

"The students can take ownership of their learning and personalize their schedule to fit their needs."

— Lisha

Tate is able to set his own pace to learn, and in our case, my student is able to work at an accelerated level. In a traditional school, everyone works at the same pace, which is good for some people but difficult for others who tend to complete the task at a faster pace and become bored if the pace is too slow. I like the fact that I can be actively engaged in my child’s learning and communicate with his teachers.

My student plans on attending a two-year or four-year program after high school. He wants to either be an engineer or a welder. He would like to shoot on a college trap team and qualify for the Olympics. Also, he has an interest in getting his pilot’s license. Personally, I think that Connections Academy is helping prepare him for the future by providing him with the education he needs to be successful. Connections Academy makes the student responsible for his or her learning, which also preparing him or her for future success.”

The Hill family